Italian Fruit Toast by Giada

When you want to lighten things up a bit, look no further than this delicious Italian Fruit Toast from the queen of easy & good-lookin Italian dishes, Giada de Laurentiis. Try it for breakfast or a snack with any of our sliced breads or rustic loaves.
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Prawn Toast Toastie by Jamie Oliver

We're going across the pond for this one, with Jamie Oliver's genius mash-up of a Chinese-style prawn toast and toasted sarnie.

We 🧡 our soft and light Orwashers whole wheat loaf in this creative and easy sandwich.
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JJ Johnson's Crispy Chicken Sandwich

A riff on the chicken sandwich he used to make at The Cecil in Harlem, JJ's unique take on this classic features a tahini sauce, fried egg and crispy chicken.

Our Brioche Buns or Parker House Rolls are a perfect canvas for this outrageous brunch treat.
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Italian Sausage & White Bean Stew By Lidey Heuck

Ina Garten's former assistant, Lidey, knows a thing or two about comfort food. This hearty, winter dish is made with white beans, kale and sweet Italian sausage.

Our Grandaisy De Sesamo or Orwashers Sourdough is perfect for toasty, crunchy scooping. Buon Appetito!
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Leek Potato Soup by Julia Child

She inspired millions to appreciate the pleasures of making and eating good food. We're delighted to share Julia's super simple and elegant soup recipe to sop up the last bits of winter.

What's the best part? Tearing up any of our country breads and toasting them in oil for the best croutons to accompany this dish.
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Padma Lakshmi's Shrimp Tacos with Spicy Slaw

She's an activist, food enthusiast, host of TOP CHEF, and more, and we 🧡 her spin on tacos with shrimp and an easy, spicy slaw.

Reach for our Vista Hermosa flour tortillas in our Party Basket and upgrade Taco Tuesday today.
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Ranch Fried Chicken Sandwich by Rachael Ray

The OG of 30 Minute Meals with over 25 cookbooks, Rachael Ray has a brilliant take on the chicken sandwich topped with bacon and homemade ranch. Grab our brioche buns to bring this tasty creation to life.
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You'll never look at turkey the same with these quickly brined super moist burgers. Top them with our Eli's Bread Brioche Buns, Amy's Bread Parker House Rolls or our Leaven & Co Brioche Rolls.
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Taco Tuesday is any day in our book! Our Vista Hermosa flour tortillas are incredible in this versatile fajita taco recipe by the #cravings queen.
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