Beach Basket

Orwashers Soho Sourdough (1x) - San Francisco may have their own version, but Orwashers makes the best NYC “soho” sourdough. Trust us, this gorgeous boule won’t last long with its delicate tang and not too tough crust, it’s perfect for beachside sandwiches, grilled cheese and avocado toast.

Grandaisy Pizza Bianca (1x) - This signature handcrafted Roman style Pizza sprinkled with rosemary and sea salt is the perfect canvas for your favorite antipasti.

Lilly’s Rainbow Cookies (8x) – An enduring marriage of the best Italian and Eastern European bakeries of Brooklyn, these moist cake-like cookies are delicious and the perfect afternoon snack.

PDA Demi Baguette (1x) - Some people call it the best baguette in NYC. We call it freakin delicious. The chameleon of all breads, this demi baguette is perfect for appetizer crostini, a simple sandwich with ham and butter, or justtorn and dipped in olive oil. You’ll thank us later.