The Family Basket

Families need feeding. Bring everyone together around the table, or the kitchen counter, or on the couch (just make sure they clean up the crumbs).

From chocolate studded challah twists, to soft sliced whole wheat bread, raspberry linzer tart cookies and a beautiful artisanal de sesamo bread (a lil something for the grown ups), this basket has something for the entire family to love.

Amy’s Bread Chocolate Challah Twists (6x)
We can’t get enough of these buttery challah twists studded with rich chocolate chunks. Perfect as an afternoon snack or a special weekend breakfast, the kids will sing with delight for these twisty treats.

NEW: Grandaisy Semi De Sesamo Bread (1x)
Even though it’s usually all about the family, sometimes grown ups want to feel grown up! And this gorgeous, crusty pane pugliese is rolled in sesame seeds for a toasty, nutty-tasting exterior that gives our versatile table bread an even deeper flavor.

Lilly’s Linzer Tart Cookies (10x)
What’s a vanilla cake cookie sandwiched with fruity raspberry preserves and dusted with powdery sugar? These guys. We’ve packed enough (are 10 cookie sandwiches enough?) for everyone to taste and possibly go back for seconds, because that’s how we roll.

Orwashers Whole Wheat Pullman Loaf (1x)
Satisfy those weekday sandwich cravings with this earthy and light whole wheat loaf from our friends at Orwashers bakery. Made with stone ground wheat and a touch of sweetness, it's kid tested and parent approved.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Nadine LaBarbera
Great choice

Really great breads and the linzer Tart was fantastic I would recommend very highly

krysia Brannon
Great Gift!

This was a birthday gift and it was a huge hit! They said it was so I want to taste some too!!

Edie Ruhl

Outstanding products

John Gibbs
Delicious baked goods!

Arrived on time and fresh. Both loaves of bread taste great and the whole wheat made great cheese toast. The chocolate chip challah is perfect and the cookies went fast.

Love it! and great customer service

My family has been loving our bread baskets. This is the second one we ordered and it's such a treat. Love the cookies, and the chocolate challah twists were a hit with my daughter. My kids are huge fans of the add-on bagels. In addition, there was a mistake with the order - I ordered 9 sets bagels, but only received three. They addressed the issue by sending us EIGHT replacement bagels, along with a box of linzer tarts, and a box of black and white cookies. Their customer service ROCKS!