Come and visit us at Harbes Farm in Mattituck, NY | Fall 2020


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The Family Basket

Families need feeding. Bring everyone together around the table, or the kitchen counter, or on the couch (just make sure they clean up the crumbs).

From chocolate studded challah twists, to soft sliced whole wheat bread, raspberry linzer tart cookies and a beautiful artisanal batard (a lil something for the grown ups), this basket has something for the entire family to love.

Amy’s Bread Chocolate Challah Twists (6x)
We can’t get enough of these buttery challah twists studded with rich chocolate chunks. Perfect as an afternoon snack or a special weekend breakfast, the kids will sing with delight for these twisty treats.

Orwashers Whole Wheat Pullman Loaf (1x)
Satisfy those weekday sandwich cravings with this earthy and light whole wheat loaf from our friends at Orwashers bakery. Made with stone ground wheat and a touch of sweetness, it's kid tested and parent approved.

Lilly’s Linzer Tart Cookies (10x)
What’s a vanilla cake cookie sandwiched with fruity raspberry preserves and dusted with powdery sugar? These guys. We’ve packed enough (are 10 cookie sandwiches enough?) for everyone to taste and possibly go back for seconds, because that’s how we roll.

Roberta’s Bakery Batard (1x)
So even though it’s usually all about the family, sometimes grown ups want to feel grown up! And this gorgeous, crusty loaf made in a wood fired oven is the stuff of grown up dreams. Sliced, toasted, topped with your favorite cheese and drizzled with honey, it’s an instant upgrade to your day.