The Feel Good Basket

Not all carbs are created equal. We've curated our favorite wholesome baked goods with the perfect balance of tasty and healthful ingredients. 

Your everyday carb needs are covered with a healthy dose of feel good ingredients like Olive Oil, Ancient Grains, Orange, Flax Seeds and Oats.

Pain d’Avignon Seeded Sourdough (1x)
This memorable long fermented sourdough is studded with a tantalizing mix of sesame, flax, sunflower, poppy and caraway seeds. A crunchy, seeded exterior meets a soft, airy crumb for the ultimate avocado toast or your favorite buttery spread.

Amy’s Bread Whole Wheat with Five Grain Bread (1x)
Upgrade your PB&J with this earthy and fragrant bread for your (or your kids!) weekday lunch. We love the wholesome, exciting combo of organic rye berries, sesame seeds, organic flax seeds and organic millet. It’s especially divine as a hearty grilled cheese with tomato soup on a chilly day.

My Fit Kitchen by Anke Butter Cookies (6x)
Settle in for afternoon tea with our lightly sweetened and crisp cookies made with real vanilla seeds and sea salt. These wheat-free crunchy delights are made with ancient grains like spelt and oats. Satisfy your sweet tooth with minimum effort for maximum pleasure (in the words of goddess Nigella Lawson).

Padoca Bakery Orange Olive Oil Cake (1x)
Think loaf cakes are boring? Think again. This divine cake is made with fruity olive oil and fragrant oranges. It’s tender and delicious, we love it as a light breakfast, afternoon snack or dessert.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Delicious and Fresh

My Basket arrived on time and everything was fresh and delicious. I also loved the extra info on how to keep my bread fresh longer; it was so helpful. Discovered you on GMA and am so happy I did!!!

Awesome basket

This is the second basket I have ordered and once again it is delicious!! I had a small issue with one of the loaves but the Bread Basket is making it right! The cookies are wonderful with tea and my husband and I are enjoying the Orange Olive Oil Cake. I will continue to enjoy my bread and can’t wait for the my next order!

Very good

Both breads were very good, the cookies very special not too sweat and the Orange Olive Oil Cake perfect. I miss buying fresh bread and homemade cookies in New York. This gave us the Good feeling of those past days. Thank you.

Not just bread

So fortunate these NYC bakeries are able to share their wonderful talent with us! Hearty breads, moist sweet cakes, and buttery cookies - all delicious!