The Gluten Free Basket

So you and gluten have agreed to disagree, but your carb dreams need not be crushed.

We have sourced the best gluten free breads and baked goods for all your sandwich, bun, cookie and brownie needs.

The Gluten Free Bakery Original Sandwich Bread
Think you can’t make a great sandwich without gluten? Think again. With a crunchy crust and made with whole grain flours including New York State buckwheat, your sandwich possibilities are endless from BLTs, Turkey Clubs, PB&Js and more.

By The Way Bakery Brownie
In our taste tests, we couldn’t believe these brownies are dairy and gluten free! Made with bittersweet Belgian chocolate, they’re fudgy, chewy and rich, and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Gluten Free Bakery Brioche Sandwich Buns
Another gluten free and dairy free wonder, these brioche sandwich buns have a wonderful crunchy exterior and soft crumb. Satisfy your next deli sandwich or burger craving now.

The Gluten Free Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies
This classic American cookie has been transformed into a vegan and gluten free delight, and we’re impressed. Made with brown sugar for a perfectly chewy bite, it’s an upgraded indulgence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gluten Free Basket

The sandwich read wasn't good, the brioche, according to the ingredient list, wasn't gluten free, the brownies were delicious.

great quality baskets with one exception

I have had 3 baskets and 90% were delicious. But the second order of the gluten sandwich bread was dried out and fell apart. I wish you could mix and match the items and make your own choices. I plan to try difference baskets until I settle on what is best for me

super delicious

Everything in my box is sooo yummy. The rolls are the best.

Not a great selection for the price. They have the same items on fresh direct for much less.

I was also a bit disappointed in receiving two chocolate chip cookie packs rather than 1 chocolate chip and one other flavor. The other items were ok, but I could have received them from fresh direct for 1/2 the price with my order. I subscribed to try things different from what I can find in an ordinary supermarket. I will not renew my subscription after my 3 weeks runs out. Hopefully the next weeks will be better than this week was.

Yummy GF treats

I very much enjoyed the gluten-free bread and cookies from Bread Basket NYC even though the shipping to California is outrageously expensive. It’s always nice to find wholesome GF treats.