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The Holiday Basket

Holidays are a time to rejoice, reflect and indulge. Share the love of carbs with your loved ones this holiday season. From our custom “Happy Holidays” country sourdough bread, spiced pumpkin cranberry loaf to our cheesy cheddar brioche rolls and crunchy chocolate chip biscotti, our Holiday Basket is the perfect gift to warm their hearts and wow their holiday table this year. 

Amy’s Bread “Happy Holidays” Country Sourdough (1x)
We could not resist the opportunity to create a custom holiday bread with our dear friend Amy and she certainly rose to the occasion! Not only is this a beautiful bread but it’s incredibly tasty for all your holiday needs from weekend French toast, custardy bread pudding, a savory stuffing, table centerpiece and beyond.

Padoca Bakery Pumpkin Cranberry Loaf (1x)
This is not your average pumpkin bread. Subtly sweet with a hint of spice and nestled with fresh cranberries, this loaf cake speaks the delicious holiday flavors that we crave.

Leaven & Co Brioche Cheddar Rolls (6x)
Your supermarket dinner rolls cannot compete with these fluffy and rich brioche rolls topped with sharp, white cheddar cheese. We love them heated any time of day.

Our Daily Bread Almond Chocolate Chip Biscotti (6-8x)
We could not stop ourselves when it came to these crunchy classic Italian "cantuccini" made with whole roasted almonds and fine dark chocolate chunks. An elegant end to any meal or mid afternoon treat with coffee, it’s our biscotti love language.