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In honor of all the incredible Moms we know and 🧡,  we are proud to share our MOM ROCKS basket. 

This basket features tasty carbs from all women-owned bakeries and hand-picked by the women on our team. From hand-dipped salted caramel chocolates to tender brioche buns, moist coffee cake and more, we’ve got your carb cravings covered.

Every basket purchase directly supports our wonderful women-owned bakeries including Amy’s Bread, By The Way Bakery, Grandaisy Bakery, Michelle’s Macc’s and Padoca Bakery. 


Amy’s Bread MOMS ROCKS Sourdough Bread (1x) 
Show the woman in your life that she ROCKS with this gorgeous stencil sourdough. Founder Amy Scherber combines organic whole wheat and rye flour to make a complex and delicious sourdough that’s perfect for avocado toast, grilled cheese or a brunchy egg sandwich. 

By The Way Bakery Gluten-Free Brownie (1x) 
Helene Godin founded BTW Bakery in 2011 and makes incredible brownies that happen to be Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free. Made with bittersweet Belgian chocolate and a touch of espresso, these incredibly moist brownies have a deep chocolaty richness that will satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Grandaisy Bakery Daisy Brioche Buns (6x) 
Monica Von Thun Calderón’s motto is “all we knead is love” and you can feel the 🧡 in her gorgeous brioche buns. They’re shiny, tender and ideal for tea sandwiches or slider burgers. 

Padoca Bakery Coffee Cake (1x) 
A padoca is a corner bakery in Brazil and Marina Halpern brings that vibe to all her delicious desserts, including this coffee cake laced with an addicting cinnamon swirl and crumb topping. Grab a cup of coffee, and savor this perfectly sweet treat.

Michelle’s Maccs Salted Caramel Maccs (3x) 
It took a full 2 years for Michelle Goldberg to perfect her caramel, but it was worth the wait. Fine Belgian chocolate enrobes these gorgeous coconut treats filled with smooth caramel and a dash of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Loved all but one item. Amy’s bread was too hard for my taste.


Excellent representation from women owned bakeries. Truly delicious 🤤

Regrettably Not Rocking

Unfortunately I was not rocked by this Bread basket. As a woman who owns a small business myself, I was so excited to see this basket and support the many woman who participated. Sadly, the rolls came completely flattened, the sourdough while quite artistic was incredibly dry and lacking the sourdough flavor, and the Black and White add on Cookies were disappointing. They contained ingredients which my daughter (whom I got them for) was allergic too such as tofu and seaweed. I did not see that before I ordered them so I’m sure that was my fault for not checking more closely but I naturally thought they would have the regular black and white cookie ingredients instead of the substituted items making them gummy, spongy and a weird after taste. Honestly happy to have supported these business' still in this pandemic year but I can’t sadly recommend any of these products for future purchase.

Birthday gift

This was a birthday gift for my mother. She said it all looks great!

Mom Rocks

This is my scond time ordering..Sent my Sister this basket..Very Happy!!!